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All About Us

Bushby Plumbing is a locally owned and operated company that have  been servicing clients in Perth, Western Australia since 2008. By taking advantage of the latest technology, we can quickly and efficiently take care of your plumbing needs, saving you both time and money.


Our skilled tradesmen are backed up by experienced office staff to ensure we’re all working efficiently and with the correct information at all times. 

Bushby Plumbing cover a wide range of services within the commercial and residential plumbing sector, including but not limited to:


  • New Installations

  • Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

  • Design and Construct

  • Water Supply and Drainage works

  • Industrial Waste Solutions

  • Sanitary Drainage and Stormwater

  • Sewage Pumping Stations And Grease Traps

  • Fire Services including pumps, tanks, hydrants and drencher systems

  • Backflow Prevention, annual testing, repairs and new installation

  • Gas Service Installation and Repairs

  • Leak Detection – Water & Gas

Andy Bushby


Sarah Norton

Office Manager

Sasha Bushby

Accounts Manager

Project Managers

Leading Hands


Apprentice Plumbers

Why Choose Bushby Plumbing?

Bushby Plumbing's mission is to provide our clients with the most reliable, professional and efficient plumbing service in Perth, Western Australia.

Our aim is to be:-

  • Known for high quality workmanship

  • Provide a professional service carried out by highly knowledgeable staff

  • Provide solutions, not problems

  • Ensure all our customers receive exceptional service, and the products used are of the hightest quality

  • Pride ourselves in going the extra mile

And our Values are to be:-

  • Respected

  • Trusted

  • Experts

  • Flexible

Please call us to now discuss further.

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Our Commitment to Occupational health, Safety and the Environment

Bushby Plumbing is committed to occupational health, safety and the environment as part of the every day running of the business.

We recognise we have a responsibility to work and behave professionally as a company and ensure that occupational health, safety and the environment on our sites is our first priority and believe that most incidents and accidents are preventable. 

We are fully committed to our clients to provide workers with all required tickets, licenses and safety awareness training.

Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of Bushby Plumbing's values and principles, and we consider it to be sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business.

Safety and the Environment
Quality Assurance

Bushby Plumbing are proud of the reputation we have gained as a provider for high quality plumbing services, to the commerial and residential sectors.


We are committed to total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. As a team, we are dedicated to getting it right, first time, and always going that extra mile.


It is Bushby Plumbing's aim to be viewed by our customers as the best and to be their first choice provider of plumbing services.


To achieve this goal, every employee in the Company is accountable for fully satisfying our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best‐in‐class solutions and services.  

Drugs and alcohol
Drugs and Alcohol

Bushby Plumbing is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees, clients and members of the public by eliminating accidents, incidents, or injuries arising from the use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace wherever possible.


Alcohol and/or other drugs usage becomes an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issue if a worker’s ability to exercise judgement, coordination, motor control, concentration and alertness at the workplace is impaired, leading to an increased risk of injury or accidents to themselves or others at the workplace. 

Bushby Plumbing has a ZERO tolerance policy in regards to the use of illicit drugs on our premises or the attending of other business related premises (e.g. clients) while under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

Our Projects
Home Service
Recent Projects
Some of our clients

Bushby Plumbing are currently working on a diverse range of projects in the commercial market. 

The following projects were recently successfully delivered  under our current management team: 

  • Tweeddale Road Apartments - Northerly

  • Ecco Apatments - HPL

  • Waterbank Display Suite - Lend Lease

Cafes - Restaurants
Govenment Offices / Offices
  • FedEx, Perth Airport - ADCO Construction

  • Avis, Perth Airport - ADCO Constuction

  • Various Coles Refurbishments - Lend Lease

  • Virgin Terminal, BOH, Perth Airport - Built

  • Perth Mint - Built

  • Various NAB 

  • Palace Hotel Refurbishment - Northerly

  • Alex Hotel Refurbishment - Built

  • Brew Ha, Kings Square - Built

  • Tartine Cafe - Utopia

  • Coogee Street Cafe - Northerly

  • SAT - ADCO Construct / Northerly

  • DIIS Malaga - Northerly

  • Albert Facey House - Northerly

  • Legal Aid - ADCO Construction

  • HBF Kings Square - Northerly

  • Deparment of Mines - ADCO Construction

  • Prime House - Georgiou

  • Wanneroo Civic Centre Fitout - Broad Construction

Care facilities
  • Wyatt Grove Child care facility - ADCO Construction

  • Bayswater Aged care - Northerly

  • Regis Aged care - ADCO Constructions

  • Various Coles Refurbishments - Lend Lease

  • Various ANZ Refurbishments - Lend Lease

  • Various CBA Refurbishments - Lend Lease/Northerly

  • Various Bankwest Refurbisments - Lend Lease

  • Kinross College - Broad Construction


Quick Solutions

You’re a busy person — don’t let plumbing problems get in your way. There are a plethora of reasons problems can occur, so take out a maintenance contract to elevate these problems before they occur.  Bushby Plumbing has the equipment, expertise and experience to locate, repair and maintain your property quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your Property Maintenance needs today.

Backflow Specialists

Water Corporation Approved

All backflow prevention devices installed at your property boundary must be registered and tested annually. This information must be provided to the Water Corporation by a licensed plumbing contractor permitted to test these devices.


Bushby Plumbing is a Backflow Smart Tester, and  you can be confident that your testing and reporting requirements are met.

Leak Detection

Professional Service

Is something in your place not working right, such as having water where it doesn’t belong? Leak Detection issues can be tricky and expensive to solve.


Finding out where the problem is before it causes excessive damage and expensive water bills is something we can help you with. Call us today.

Design and Construct

Bushby Plumbing offers our clients a Hydraulic Design and Construct service, for their commercial/residential projects. Focusing on compliance, quality and safety, while integrating with your practical requirements, to provide a satisfactory project delivery.

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What we Promise

With a focus on quality, safety and the environment you can rest assured that your assets are in safe hands. Our project team will ensure that your installations are fully compliant and engineered to the highest standard. Bushby Plumbing will ensure the successful delivery of your projects, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile.


Where to find us

Locally Owned

Quality Service

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Contact us

Thank you for contacting Bushby Plumbing, we will be in touch soon.

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